Free Halloween Decoration Free Halloween Sign Free: Click on sign to print on 1 sheet of paper (sideways orientation is correct); fold in 1/2.

We've halloween candyFree Halloween Decoration CandyFree Halloween Decoration No CandyWe have no candy

Why? Let them know where you stand. Use the free Halloween decorations in the DAYLIGHT hours, especially.
Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Teachers, Churches & Clubs share: "So Simple, & Free. Thanks!"

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1) Mayors like signs because they can shorten the allowable Trick or Treat time. More Efficient.
2) Police get fewer calls, saving resources. As a result, to them, it's a safety issue.
3) Parents like the signs. Kids LOVE the signs.. Watch the vids for proof.
4) More candy fun in the time allowed. Good for the candy maker and the dentist ;-)
5) Thanks, over half of our visitors make this site a BookMark Favorite (do it to remember).
6) Only known Candy & NoCandy sign combo (making it comfortable for the 18% using NoCandy).
7) Color symbols are more recognizable (even pre-reading kids share the excitement of seeing one).
8) Kids prefer the "color symbol" set concept to a city's official written notice.
9) Color symbol sign allows you to see it as a Halloween Decoration (more likely to be adopted).

History Link
This is a GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT. We wanted to improve a never ending trick or treat issue. It was about making the “Halloween Iron ManFun” more efficient. Parents will still send their costumed children to knock on doors where nobody answers. Some homeowners just can’t participate for one reason or another. Some will feel bad and some feel annoyed. After years of toying with ideas to do this, the internet came to life. We had so many terrific solutions that just didn’t hit the mark. Our quest died down until some years ago. It was an Oprah Halloween show (The Oprah Effect again?) which inverted the way we looked at this. And it re-awoke the sleeping giant to get this done. We asked for help by sending out chain e-mail. It worked. We were sent a lot of "symbol" ideas. Katie, Trick or TreatSo many were creative, but off target. Luckily, one stuck out, way out.

Katie (my hero) layered the letter C (for Candy) around a symbol. She was on to something. That early symbol set grew into those you see today. We did a big voting and these were the favorites by a landslide. Everybody loved them and we knew we had a winning design and a terrific concept. Katie (right) is a great and charming spokesperson for us. Using your porch lights and these FREE Halloween decorations is very neighborly. By the way, towns are shortening the daylight hours allowed for the trick or treaters to get out there. We need to have more fun in a shorter period of time. Cold-Rainy? No problem. This helps.

Click box-link: Sign Directory <- to print your FREE Trick or Treat signs (several) are also hosted here. Great place to get decorations for trick or treaters. Glossy paper works nicely;-) Save the pictures on your computer to eMail to your friends/neighbors/organizations and work, too.

SuperGirl Ragedy AnnFUNNY... If you are home and all out of candy, wouldn't it be nice to let the kids know? Still our favorite funny reasons for using the free halloween decorations: “No Candy” Halloween Sign symbol. 18% surveyed use these.

1.) Can't think about candy this year. Wall Street got us. We may have to sell the yacht to keep the horses.

2.) Our crazy dog barks and goes nuts when the doorbell rings. He already hates the mailman. Not you, too.

3.) I am a telecommuter, working from home. I have a deadline and I cannot be disturbed until lunch or dinner or Rachael Ray.

4.)We gave Grandpa Regis 4 hours worth of candy treats. He gave it all away in 30 minutes. You know what Halloween Costumes Brian Urlacher Minny Mouse Hula Skirt I’m talking about because you’ve all been there.

5.) I work the third shift and I need my sleep. My nickname is Bear and all you have to do is imagine my front door is the entrance to my cave and I am hibernating. Wake me up and I'm eating your candy.

There are obvious, fictional items contributed herein. Let us know what fun reasons (embellishing is OK) you may have to inspire others to use the signs. We are still grateful for everything that's wholesome, interesting and fun to read.

These free decorations are the "best" of the dozens of Intellectual Property protected Halloween Signs. They are nice for you to print out (non-commercial use only). For commercial use, send us an email. We are very accomodating. to contact. Nothing on this website should be a substitute for common sense, nor is anything herein meant to purport to have anything to do with safety issues or property protection issues or anything of a guarantee or warranty for specific purpose, nor is there any warranty, at all. Consult your own professionals for related advise. This is ONLY to be used as an entertainment website. Get on board. Please use the signs. Don't waste your time and disappoint the wonderful little costume wearing skeleton, ironman, pocahontas, lady gaga, snooki, situation, alice in wonderland, madhatter, nerd, harry potter, mouse, spiderman, bunny, vampire, ballerina, angel, witch, pirate, Martha Stewart pumpkin carving and decorating ideas expert, maniac, Haunted House tour guide. Please send us your Halloween party tips, Halloween game ideas, Halloween Costume ideas, Halloween recipes, Pumpkin Carving ideas and Fun Cheap Costume Ideas for Adults or Kids, etc.

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